27 February sees new driving legislation

Handsfree kits will soon be more essential than ever

On 27 February drivers will be fined £60 on the spot and issued with three penalty points on their licence for using a handheld phone whilst driving.

Motorola has issued a top ten 'do's and don'ts' list, to fall in line with the new legislation for those drivers who feel the need to stay connected:

  1. Install car kits which are completely hands-free. These will simply clip on to any steady surface and are user-friendly to help even the biggest technophobes.
  2. Use the voice command if you need to call contacts in the phone's memory or spoken numbers. The handset recognises words from syllables in the user's voice, and so requires no training.
  3. Let the person you are speaking to know you are driving, so any conversation should be short and to the point.
  4. Drivers should also make use of the redial and speed dial facilities to safely make emergency calls.
  5. Adjust the phone volume control - your ringtone should not be loud enough to startle you while you drive.
  6. Learn the feel of the phone's keypad so you can use the memory functions off the road swiftly.
  7. Phone storage should be in a stable and close location.
  8. Under no circumstances should drivers be holding a mobile and having a conversation - this is now illegal.
  9. Don't place or answer a call in hazardous driving conditions or situations.
  10. Never hand dial, send or read a text whilst driving.

Michael Carter at Motorola said, "At Motorola we encourage motorists to drive safely at all times and welcome the new legislation. We know most motorists will find it frustrating to change their bad habits when it comes to using their phone whilst driving.

"So as a phone manufacturer we need to take responsibility to educate users on safe usage. By following the tips, and with the use of wireless technology, drivers have a portable and affordable device which will allow them to stay safe and on the right side of the law."

James Rivington

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