Panasonic PTZ NDI camera at a glance

NDI camera: Panasonic AW-UE100 PTZ
(Image credit: Panasonic)

In August, the industry's first PTZ NDI camera came online from Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. The AW-UE100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera addresses the increasing demand to create streamlined productions that deliver high quality viewing experiences. The AW-UE100 is the industry’s first PTZ camera to support 4K/60p for high-bandwidth NDI and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), which enables users to capture and stream high quality images and video over public internet securely and in real-time. Addressing the need for increased flexibility, the new AW-UE100 PTZ camera features an all new Direct Drive motor for much quieter and smoother movement with heightened response time to capture quality live remote and studio production in broadcast, staging, corporate, sports, higher education and house of worship applications.

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To create immersive and engaging virtual broadcasts without the high costs associated with traditional cameras on the market, Panasonic is developing a plug-in for use with the AW-UE100 that integrates with the Unreal 3D Engine due to the FreeD positioning data outputted by the camera, to create an immersive VR or AR experiences.

“We’re excited to get the new AW-UE100 PTZ camera into the hands of our customers who are looking for production tools that allow for flexible working environments without sacrificing image quality,” said Panasonic’s Hamid James, product manager for remote production. “The UE100 is a totally new design in both its looks and engineering and has exceptional capabilities. The combination of the high performance camera with the Unreal plugin creates endless possibilities for immersive experiences via remote and studio production applications.”


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The AW-UE100 offers a range of features to streamline production capabilities for users no matter what their professional video experience is or the shooting location and situation. To capture events of all sizes, the camera offers quality shooting capabilities, streaming workflows and high-magnification zoom and wide-angle shooting to ensure bright, clear visuals for immersive experiences of all kinds. Additional key benefits of the AW-UE100 PTZ camera include:

  • Increased flexibility with support for a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high bandwidth NDI, high efficiency NDI|HX, and SRT.
  • Low latency live video transmissions with high-bandwidth NDI for transmitting 4K/60p video at speeds of approximately 250 Mbps and for transmitting full HD video at approximately 100 Mbps, all over a single LAN cable.
  • High quality visuals in all production environments with 24x optical zoom and a 74.1° horizontal viewing angle with iZoom that allows distant subjects to be captured clearly whether in tight spaces or large venue halls. 4K 60p/50p shooting 12G-SDI output allows for smooth, high-quality images to be captured in situations of movement, such that would come with shooting live sports.
  • Enhanced productions with no distractions with high-precision Direct Drive Motor to ensure a noise level of NC30 or less.

The AW-UE100 adds to Panasonic’s comprehensive line up of PTZ cameras, controllers and talent auto-tracking software solutions. These solutions enable remote and streaming productions to increase the quality and quantity of content while providing cost effective, production flexibility.

The AW-UE100 has a suggested list price of $8,350. To learn more about Panasonic’s AW-UE100 , visit the Panasonic's pro website or contact Panasonic at 877-803-8492.