OnePlus reveals upcoming OxygenOS features including ultra-wide video recording on OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus is known to listen and act on the feedback it receives from its customers. This is one of the major reasons as to why the company thrives on a backbone of its versatile community. OnePlus 7 Pro, their latest smartphone has already received a couple of updates that improve its performance and enhances imaging capabilities.

In a new post on the Forums, OnePlus has revealed the features that are under development; a few of them already in Open Beta, that will further improve the OxygenOS experience.

A bunch of these features are product exclusive, such as the ability to customize the horizon light on the OnePlus 7 Pro, while others are OS-wide tweaks like the addition of step counter in the Shelf area.

Most of the feature requests are already approved or are already being tested in the various open beta programs. OnePlus says that it is looking into offering users the ability to customize the horizon light which lights up the edges of the OnePlus 7 Pro when a notification arrives. The developers have also given a go-ahead to the highly requested feature of recording a video from the ultra-wide camera on the flagship phone. Currently, OnePlus only allows video recording from the primary camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

OxygenOS devs are also working on support for adaptive icons for OnePlus launcher,  custom duration for Zen Mode, displaying more apps in the Recent menu and even a sound effect when the phone is charging.

OnePlus 7 Pro and OxygenOS detailed upcoming features

  • Q: Will OnePlus 7 Pro support horizon light customization?
    A: We understand users' pain point of not having a notification light on their devices. We are looking into this, as well other alternatives to implement AOD in a battery-friendly way.
  • Q: Is it possible to implement folders in the app drawer?
    A: We know that this is a way to find apps fast and efficiently. We are looking into this.
  • Q: Will the OnePlus 7 Pro support video recording using the ultra-wide camera?
    A: This feature request has already been approved and is currently under development. We know how anxious you are for this feature and we hear you.
  • Q: Will Oxygen OS support adaptive icons using the OnePlus launcher?
    A: We are working on it.
  • Q: Will OnePlus add a step counter in a future update?
    A: We will merge this feature into the routine of OnePlus Shelf development to bring this functionality to you without adding any bloatware to the system.
  • Q: Will it be possible to see more apps when accessing the recent apps menu?
    A: This feature request is approved and under development.
  • Q: Why does the background application pause while using quick reply in the landscape?
    A: We are working on a new way to improve users' experience.
  • Q: Will you add a charging sound effect?
    A: This feature request is approved and under development.
  • Q: Will it be possible to customize the duration of zen mode?
    A: Yes, we are working on it.
  • Q: Will it be possible to block messages by specific keyword?
    A: Currently the function is under closed beta testing. We will release it soon if there are no major issues.
  • Q: Will it support blocking calls in phone settings?
    A: This function is already being tested in the open beta program. Please be patient.
  • Q: Will digital wellbeing be supported on OnePlus devices?
    A: Currently this function is in OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T's open beta program.​
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