New Radeon Pro GPU featuring Navi 21 teased by AMD

AMD Radeon Pro GPU
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AMD looks to be gearing up for another graphics card release despite the ongoing shortage of chip components, with fresh leaks pointing to an upcoming Radeon Pro announcement. An unlisted video from the AMD YouTube channel also states that 'something big is coming' on June 8 2021, alongside images of a familiar GPU chassis which adds further weight to this being a Radeon Pro product based on Navi 21.

Two SKUs for both an AMD Radeon W6800 and W6900X have been floating around for some time after being spotted in the source code of Mac, but most of the leaked information is exclusive to the W6800 so we're only expecting one GPU to be released initially. 

A blue SKU for you

These new leaks also add weight to earlier rumors that included a potential engineering sample, with the blue and silver shroud being recognizable for anyone familiar with previous Radeon Pro GPU designs.

All the teaser footage reveals is that this new GPU will have six display port connections, though previous rumors would suggest these new products will run on RDNA2 architecture and have 16GB of Samsung memory. Given the probable Navi 21 architecture it'll be using, we're also expecting it to have a 256-bit bus interface and carry 128 MB of Infinity Cache. 

Don't get too excited if you're a gamer, though, as this is more of a workstation piece of kit than something for running your favorite PC games. The Radeon Pro range caters to productivity users that have demanding jobs like VFX artists and video editors which could make this an attractive choice over the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT or RX 6700 XT if you work in a demanding creative field.

This isn't to say you can't use it for gaming, but it's likely to burn a significant hole in your pocket, even with non-workstation GPUs being scalped to insanely high prices. As with any leaked or rumored information, don't take anything as gospel until Team Red makes an official announcement.

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