New Microsoft Teams feature could be exactly what you've been waiting for

Microsoft Teams
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Development is currently underway for an update to Microsoft Teams that will introduce the ability to open shared meeting content in a new window, as the company continues to enhance its video conferencing software.

The company has released little information on the new feature, explaining simply that users will be able to "pop out shared content into a separate window".

The update was added to the Microsoft 365 product roadmap this week and is expected to roll out to Teams users in August. The new feature will be supported on both web and desktop client versions of the collaboration platform, including Windows and macOS.

Microsoft Teams update

Over recent years, hybrid working routines have seen us turn to video conferencing platforms to get our work done, resulting in companies investing to improve their products frequently.

The functionality of the up-and-coming feature is yet to be seen, but it’s likely that it will work in the same way that users can already pop out Teams chats to a new window.

We anticipate this move to be beneficial to workers running multiple business monitors, allowing participants to see the call’s attendees and check shared files and chat feeds while also viewing content shared by presenters.

This follows an announcement that saw enhancements to CART captioning, live captions with speaker attribution and live transcript, as well as the introduction of background effects to Teams on web browsers.

These features were slated for a June 2022 release and were made available toward the end of the month, which leaves us hopeful that Microsoft will deliver its new pop-out update by the end of the summer.

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