New Aussie app aims to help NSW learner drivers get their licence

A new app could make those 120 hours of learning to drive a little less painful for NSW learners, thanks to an array of nifty logbook-related tricks and digital lessons.

Licence Ready aims to be an all-in-one solution for NSW drivers on their Learner licence, bringing together automatic logbook entries, lessons and planning. On top of these functions, the app gamifies the whole endeavour by anonymously comparing your progress against others using the app.

By keeping track of your driving via location services, the app will log your data automatically in its digital logbook (which is officially accepted by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services) as well as offering suggestions on what to focus on next.

The app can be useful for supervisors as well, with planning tools and other analysis options that will help interpret the driver's progress. However, most of these more-advanced planning and progress options are only available with License Ready Pro, which will set you back $55 for 24 months access. That price is only an introductory offer too, so it’ll likely get more expensive down the road.

There’s still plenty of functionality in the free ‘Lite’ app, even if you just use it as a convenient logbook, and it’s available on both iOS and Android. Currently, the app is limited to logging automatic vehicles only, so manual learners will have to keep learning, uh… manually. 

Harry Domanski
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