Virgin Media upgrading 2Mb customers to 10Mb

Virgin Media - 2 to 10
Virgin Media - 2 to 10

Virgin Media has announced that it will be moving all its 2Mb broadband customers up to a 10Mb line.

In a decision that it says continues 'its role as the pacesetter for high-speed broadband' the company will be leveraging increased network capacity to bring its lower level customers up to a respectable 'up to' 10Mb line.

The migration to the 10Mb service is expected to take place from May and apparently represents the largest scale upgrade ever in the UK.

'The migration programme forms part of a long term plan to ensure all Virgin Media customers have the speed they need to take advantage of the best the internet has to offer, and is just one initiative enabled by Virgin Media's investment in its Next Generation Broadband platform,' says the company's press release.

Next-gen network

"Our entry-level broadband product is now twice the speed of comparable services and, with our new 10-20-50 range, we clearly offer the highest quality broadband service in the UK," said Chief Executive Neil Berkett.

"The migration of millions of 2Mb customers to 10Mb is only possible because of the power of our next generation network and is just one example of how we are creating exciting propositions for consumers which provide transformational experiences and go way beyond their expectations.

"Coupled with our recently launched 50Mb service, we are proactively developing the UK's broadband market, driving consumer expectations and the demand for high speed broadband services."

The extra capacity comes as Virgin Media continues to upgrade its fibre optic network to with DOCSIS3.0 technology – which should triple capacity.

The service will be available for £14 a month when taken with a Virgin phone line.

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