NASA and Box are taking cloud storage out of this world

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As NASA has a distributed workforce of nearly 18,000 employees across the US, the government agency has turned to Box for both its cloud storage and online collaboration tools.

Scientists, engineers, astronauts and more need to collaborate across cloud platforms to help NASA achieve its mission “to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity”.

CEO and co-founder of Box, Aaron Levie provided further insight on the company's partnership with NASA in a press release, saying:

“NASA is leading the way on how government agencies are leveraging modern technology to better engage with stakeholders and improve mission outcomes. NASA’s incredibly important mission, powered by its cloud and modernization strategy, and in partnership with companies like Box, is poised to help the agency bring agility to mission delivery, while ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data. We are thrilled to support NASA advance space exploration missions.” 

Advancing space exploration

Since 2017, NASA's Johnson Space Center has been using Box to power secure collaboration and critical processes for its Flight Operations Division with the aim of advancing space exploration missions.

More specifically, the government agency selected Box to provide a secure collaboration space for internal content classified up to SBU and ITAR levels and to allow it to reduce unauthorized file sharing systems while reducing threat exposure through greater network controls.

At the same time, NASA has also deployed Box Relay to streamline the Flight Operations approval process for new official policy, work instruction and governance documents. The government agency even relies on Box to manage versions of documents that support International Space Station operations.

NASA isn't the only government agency that has partnered with Box though as the US Air Force, USDA, Forest Service and Farm Production and Conservation, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Justice and the DC government all use its solutions in their day-to-day operations.

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