iBikeConsole links iPod nano to bike

Jive while your ride with the iBikeConsole iPod nano dock

Cyclists! Worried that your daily commute is too boring? Liven it up with the iBikeConsole, an iPod nano docking station that simultaneously entertains and exposes you to thrilling near misses.

This dock fits all generations of nanos, allowing you to wirelessly skip tracks and change the volume with buttons mounted conveniently on the handlebars.

Computer says no

The iBikeConsole also includes a bike computer that measures your current speed and the distance travelled since the last time an articulated lorry mowed into you while you were enjoying the soothing sounds of James Blunt.

The iBike Console is shockproof and weatherproof and is available now, direct from the manufacturer, for $76 (£45). And remember – cycle safe now.