Mobile Industry Awards 2022: Likewize wins Best Mobile/Gadget Insurance Service

MIA 2022 Insurance
(Image credit: Future)

Likewize has taken the prize for Best Mobile/Gadget Insurance category at the Mobile Industry Awards 2022.

As mobile technology becomes increasingly important to our everyday lives, device insurance ensures consumers can get a rapid repair or replacement should their device be damaged, lost or stolen. 

This category rewards the company that offers the best service and retains customers year-after-year.

Our 2022 finalists were:

  • Ice Comms
  • Insurance2go Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Likewize
  • Protect Your Bubble Gadget Insurance

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Tell us about your innovative products / services within the mobile/gadget insurance sector
  • Outline any unique selling points of your product and services offered
  • What revenue opportunities do you offer to carriers and dealers
  • How do you excel for customers; provide customer reviews and customer retention figures
  • We want to hear about your success, showcase your sales and revenue performance

Why Likewize won

Likewize took our prize for the second year in a row following its introduction last year, once again impressing the judges with its range of services and technical support for customers. 

The company has also had great success in securing big-name new customers and partners, as well as investing hugely in its UK enterprise to aim for future growth.

Congratulations to Likewize and to all of our 2022 finalists!