Microsoft's 4G Surface 2 gets a UK price and release date

Microsoft brings 4G Surface 2 to the UK
Gettin' our 4G on

Microsoft has just announced that it'll be unleashing the next iteration of the Surface 2, the Surface 2 (4G), on the UK on May 8.

We probably don't need to spell out the new feature here. The 4G version comes with a micro-SIM slot meaning you'll be able to get a high-speed connection on the go - on top of the standard Wi-Fi.

Other than that though, it's the same deal: Windows RT 8.1, a NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, and Office Home and Student RT and Outlook RT pre-loaded. However the Surface 2 is only coming in a 64GB version, which is priced at £539.

You can go pre-order yourself a tasty new Surface 2 on the Microsoft Store starting today – or wait until May 8 and pick one up from the high street.

Hugh Langley

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