Microsoft Teams is now available for Linux

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Microsoft has officially ported its first Office 365 app to Linux in the form of a public preview of its workplace collaboration app Microsoft Teams.

Teams competes with Google's Hangouts Chat, Facebook's Workplace and Slack but it is also the software giant's fastest growing business app ever.

Back in March, Microsoft revealed that Teams is being used by 500,000 organizations and then in November the company said that Teams had passed 20 million daily active users.

However, Teams' biggest competitor Slack has argued that while it may have less daily active users at 12 million, its users are more engaged with its platform and its paid users typically spend over nine hours a day connected to the service. Slack is already available for Linux though its app is still in beta.

Microsoft and Linux

Recently Microsoft has shown a lot of support for Linux and the company even has plans to bring its revamped Edge browser to the operating system.

While Linux currently holds less than two percent of the desktop market share, the operating system is still quite popular among developers and business users.

In a blog post announcing that Microsoft Teams is now available for Linux, Microsoft product manager Marissa Salazar said that the Linux version of the app will support all of Teams' core capabilities. 

Interested users can download the native Linux packages for Microsoft Teams here in order to test out the app for themselves.

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