Microsoft Teams for macOS will finally receive this all-important feature

Microsoft Teams
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The different versions of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform will soon be closer than ever thanks to the introduction of an important audio feature for macOS users.

In December, the company unveiled a new noise suppression feature that uses artificial intelligence to filter out potentially disruptive sounds, such as heavy breathing or children playing in the background.

At the time, the feature was only made available on Windows 10 and mobile platforms, but Microsoft has now announced that Teams users running macOS will soon benefit from improved call clarity too.

Microsoft Teams update

With many people still working from home, video calls remain part and parcel of the working day and, by extension, so do interruptions from flatmates, family, pets and neighbors.

However, Microsoft claims its noise suppression feature is capable of cutting down on audio interference dramatically, allowing Teams users to hear one another more clearly. Soon, this will also be the case for the many macOS users out there.

According to Microsoft, the feature will begin to roll out to Mac devices almost immediately and all users should have access by the end of summer.

By default, the noise suppression feature is set to automatically detect the level of audio interference and adapt accordingly. Teams users can also dial noise suppression up and down manually, by selecting either Low or High mode.

However, Microsoft noted that devices running on Apple’s new M1 chip will not support High mode, and did not explain why or when this might change.

The noise suppression feature also comes hot on the heels of another macOS-related announcement. Last week, it was revealed that Teams for macOS will soon receive native notification support, further levelling the playing field across operating systems.

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