Microsoft Edge borrows another of Chrome's most useful features

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge is making it easier to share web pages between multiple devices, in the same way as Google Chrome.

This is a feature that will prove endlessly useful to anyone who finds themselves moving between browsers across computers, using Edge on different machines. 

Microsoft hopes it will also eliminate the need to email or message links to yourself, instead giving you the option of sending the page you're currently viewing to another of your devices.

The latest Canary build of Microsoft Edge includes the same 'send to device' feature that is available in Chrome. For anyone using a desktop or laptop, it's a far better option than the current QR code feature when need to move between devices arises and you want to continue reading the same web page.

The feature works in very much the same way as in Chrome, giving you a couple of ways to send links or pages to other devices you own. You can either click the little computer icon that appear to the right of the address bar and select a device from the 'Send page to your devices' menu that appears, or you can right click a link in the address bar or on a page and use the 'Send page' or 'Send link' option available there. Once a link or page has been shared, a notification will pop up on the device you've sent it to.

Problem solver

While the link sharing function is currently only available for testing in Edge Canary, there's another feature that is now available for everyone to use. The Math Solver tool is an incredible utility that has previously only been included in the preview builds of Edge.

It enables you to solve formulae and equations you encounter online, using a screen capture tool and OCR (optical character recognition) to convert mathematical symbols into a form readable by Edge. Math Solver can now be accessed in all version of Edge, but you will need to manually enable it using the following steps:

  1. Launch Edge and visit edge://flags/#edge-math-solver
  2. Enable the Math Solver feature using the toggle and restart Edge
  3. Click 'Settings > Appearance > Customize Toolbar' and enable the 'Show Math Solver' button

The tool can now be accessed via the Edge toolbar.

Via MSPoweruser and OnMSFT

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