Microsoft 365 update will create a new way to drive employee productivity

Microsoft 365
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Microsoft is rolling out a new dashboard that will highlight metrics like usage, in-product feedback, and Net Promoter Score values, in a move the company hopes will help make monitoring usage easier for IT admins.

The tech giant has responded to comments that large organizations find it challenging to monitor the deployment of cloud services like Microsoft 365, because data was either housed in different locations or not even available.

Microsoft says it hopes this will help business admins, “identify areas where users may need assistance.” 

Microsoft Experience Insights

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Microsoft Experience insights

Access to the Experience insights dashboard is limited to Global admin, Global reader, and Reports reader roles only, as the company continues to protect the privacy of service-level users.

Admins can hone in on individual apps, like Microsoft’s Office apps, to get a better understanding of any support that needs to be deployed, or take a wider overview of all tools. This is where recent advisories and incidents will be highlighted, too, which will help companies to monitor service health.

Feedback that Microsoft collects on its apps and services - which it uses to build and improve its products - will also be fed back to IT admins to help them understand their employees’ usage and improve collaboration

Furthermore, any self-help articles that users refer to will no longer be kept a secret, in the hope that companies can build resources to better facilitate their staff so that they do not need to refer to Microsoft’s help pages.

Microsoft’s new Experience insights dashboard is now available to preview by customers with more than 20,000 seats in Targeted Release.

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