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Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti

We're here to help you find where to buy the RTX 4060 Ti

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Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti Retailer Quicklinks

US RTX 4060 Ti retailers: Newegg  |  Best Buy  |    B&H  | Amazon
UK RTX 4060 Ti retailers: Scan  |  Overclockers  |  Ebuyer  |  Box | Amazon | CCL Online

The Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti is here, and one of the most anticipated graphics card launches of the generation has finally come around.

Fortunately, Nvidia decided not to raise the price of this card over the RTX 3060 Ti — the official MSRP is $399 (about £325/AU$600) — a move that likely saved it from a revolt among some of Team Green's most devoted fans, and even though the RTX 4060 Ti is coming in two variants, the memory bandwidth on the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB is more than enough to compensate for the lower VRAM pool, which probably helped keep the price of this card down as well.

While it's more expensive than we'd like (especially when factoring in third-party cards that sell above MSRP), given the performance on offer, we definitely think this is one that a lot of gamers with pent up demand for an upgrade are going to want to jump on. With performance on par with the RTX 3070 — and even better when factoring in DLSS 3 with Frame Generation — it's not hard to see why.

That means that this card in particular might be more difficult to find online, and given how fast this card is expected to go, we definitely anticipate that it will sell out faster than previous cards. Don't worry though, we'll be scouring the internet both in the US and the UK to to help you find the RTX 4060 Ti graphics card you've been waiting for at a price you can afford.


We're less than an hour out from the release of the RTX 4060 Ti - get your refreshing fingers ready. Nvidia has yet to release a proper budget graphics card in its current generation of GPUs, so we can expect demand to be higher than we saw for the RTX 4070 and 4080 - though with the current cost-of-living crisis affecting the UK, it's likely that British stock will linger for longer than in the US - something we've seen with other recent GPU releases.

T-minus 20 minutes, folks! As is typically the case, not every retailer will have the RTX 4060 Ti available at the exact moment the clock strikes nine (or two, if you're in the UK). So if you find that the cards you want are sold out at Best Buy or Scan, be patient and keep a close eye on the other retailer sites.

And we're off! Except, not quite. If you're in the US, it looks like major retailers haven't released their stock just yet, but we'll update this page the moment the RTX 4060 Ti becomes available.

For you lucky folks over in the UK, the card is now available at Overclockers and Scan, as well as directly from the Nvidia website if you're looking to pick up the Founders Edition model!

Good news - while Best Buy and Newegg don't have stock live just yet, if you're in the US you can now order the Founders Edition RTX 4060 Ti directly from the Nvidia website! It looks like third-party cards still aren't available in the US just yet, though.

Stock is starting to land at Newegg in the US - RTX 4060 Ti models from Gigabyte, Zotac, and MSI are all now available from the retailer. No sign from B&H or Best Buy just yet - although due to expected high demand, Best Buy is once again operating a members-only reservation process (although you can make a BB account for free!)

Our current top picks - assuming you're looking for a third-party card rather than the FE model - are this Asus model going for $399.99 at Newegg, and for the UK this MSI card selling at the only-marginally-cheaper £389.99 from Scan

Best Buy stock has dropped! You can now get your hands on an RTX 4060 Ti (FE or third-party) in the US and Canada from the Best Buy website. Pricing varies between the $399 MSRP as far up as $469.99 - needless to say, we don't really recommend you drop the extra seventy bucks.

As we saw with the previous RTX 4070, stock looks to be holding pretty steady this time around. Gamers seem to be waiting for Nvidia to deliver something cheaper... the standard RTX 4060 is just around the corner (and $100 more affordable), after all.