Ionos targets freelancers and small businesses with personalized website builder package

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In today's digital age having an online presence can make or break the success of a small business or freelancer which is why the web hosting company Ionos has announced a new “carefree” website builder package tailored specifically to their needs.

The company's new MyWebsite Design Service offers a practical solution for small businesses looking to create a website as it enables business owners to focus on their core business while Ionos experts handle the ins and outs of the business' web presence.

Users that sign up for Ionos' new carefree package will receive personal consultation with its expert web designers, ongoing coordination and communication to select preferences such as page structure, fonts, colors, photos and more, a complete homepage with up to seven sub-pages based on the MyWebsite Creator Design Templates, graphic creation support for logos and images, privacy page creation support, automatic maintenance service updates and ongoing maintenance support.

"There are times when it is important for a business owner to fully concentrate on his core business. With our "carefree package" MyWebsite Design Service we want to support those who are looking to do so, without compromising additional needs such as the creation and maintenance of their own website. This allows everyone to do what they do best – in our case, that is building the right website according to the needs and visions of our customers,” says Patrick Schaudel, Head of Suitebuilder, Marketing & eCommerce at IONOS. 

MyWebsite Design Service

Ionos' new MyWebsite Design Service will be available in three different service packages designed to meet the needs of small businesses and freelancers. Regardless of which plan you choose, there will be a one-time setup fee of $199.

The small package comes with three individualized pages, one website edit per quarter and costs $25 per month for the first six months before increasing to $30 per month afterwards. The medium package includes five individualized pages, one website edit per month and costs $40 for the first six months before increasing to $45 per month. The large package includes seven individualized pages, unlimited website edits and costs $55 for the first six months before increasing to $60 per month.

As with all of Ionos' packages, its new carefree package includes five mailboxes, one domain, on Wildcard SSL Starter certificate, WebAnalytics Basic and unlimited webspace or disk space.

Creating and maintaining your own online presence can be tedious and time consuming which is why Ionos' new package makes a great deal of sense for freelancers and small businesses that would prefer to focus on their own work instead.

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