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IE8 details to be unveiled next week

IE7 users have been asked for suggestions and feedback regarding the web browser

Details about the forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 will be revealed next week. Microsoft will discuss the future of its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser at the annual MIX07 developer conference. The future version 8 of the browser is to be covered in a presentation.

Microsoft has been collecting feedback and suggestions from IE7 users through surveys and studies. These have been gathered through the IE blog and through direct communication with IE users.

"We will have more information to share about the next release in the future, but MIX07 is too early yet to discuss specifics," wrote Chris Wilson on the IE blog .

Wilson has been part of the IE team since version 2.0. In the "Past, Present and Future" session he will discuss the road from IE6 to IE7. He will talk about the "many lessons learned," and "how we'll take those lessons forward into future releases of Internet Explorer".