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Facebook wants to rule your workplace as well

Facebook to compete with Linkedin, Google
Facebook to compete with LinkedIn, Google

Facebook is looking to diversify outside its traditional consumer market and sees the workplace as the next area of growth. And it is likely to happen sooner rather than later according to a report published by the Financial Times.

The article doesn't mention any specifics other than the fact that "Facebook at Work" will be an enterprise-focused offering a classic set of features found in similar collaborative solutions.

This includes a newsfeed, groups, messaging and since the FT article also mentions Google Drive specifically, possibly file sharing and document editing as well.

That service will be separate from a user's personal account, with no data transiting between the two.

An early pilot is already running in London and while it doesn't include advertising for now, it will be interesting to see whether it does so in the future, especially if it offers a paid-for option.

Facebook's market capitalisation currently stands at $209bn while that of LinkedIn tops $29bn, which makes Facebook users far more valuable than LinkedIn's professionals.