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Facebook launches new generation of Open Graph apps

Facebook Open Graph
It's a whole web of action

Facebook has opened up its Open Graph platform to 60 new partners including Ticketmaster, Urbanspoon and RunKeeper.

The Open Graph system pulls data into Facebook from other apps and social networks.

From now on, Facebook is open to all public app submissions, meaning we should see plenty of activity as developers get to grips with the new functionality.

Rather than just liking, sharing or commenting, users now have a whole host of app-specific actions which can be fed into their timeline.

Dwayne "cotched" at "Jimmy's crib"

Facebook explains the idea by boiling it down to "user–action–object". For example Kate (user) ran (action) an 8.7km route (object) or Marc (user) cooked (action) pilchard custard (object).

Each app can specify its own actions which, somewhat worryingly for the English language, could well lead to some interesting uses of verbs and creation of new, app-specific ones.

Mike Vernal, the Facebook Platform's Director of Engineering has told The Verge that Open Graph "mashups" will also be possible, allowing information exchange between apps for more sophisticated behaviour.

For example, offsetting the calories logged by a food app with ones burned during exercise.

Some of the apps are already available to add to your Facebook timeline – you can check them out here.