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Warner Music no longer on and Warner are no longer music buddies and Warner are no longer music buddies, the UK-based internet radio station, has stopped providing tracks by Warner Music Group.

The station, which was acquired by CBS interactive just over a year ago for the princely sum of $280 million (£142 million), has stopped users listening to single tracks on the website that belong to Warner.

Now if you search and click on a Warner artist, all you get is a ‘This isn’t yet available to play on’ message, much like the one YouTube posts when copyrighted content has been taken off.

Last chance saloon

A statement released by says that the service is "currently negotiating a new agreement with Warner Music Group."

Before WMG’s music was pulled from the site it has been reported that the contract between the internet radio station and the record label was on a month-by-month basis.

According to Billboard, one of the reasons WMG has requested that its music be removed is because the company has become "disenchanted with's compensation rates" and "has been frustrated by's failure to proceed with its plans to launch a music subscription service."

For users of, it means that bands like Led Zepellin, REM and Madonna will no longer be available for listening on the on-demand service. The site will, however, be able to play Warner artists through its internet radio station, as this is on a separate contractual basis.