Virgin Media works with SOCA to battle Trojan threat

Virgin Media - battling Trojans
Virgin Media - battling Trojans

Virgin Media is collaborating with the Serious Organised Crime Agency to warn customers who may have had their computer infected with the insidious SpyEye Trojan.

SpyEye is a piece of malware that collects personal and banking information before feeding it back to the cybercriminal and is considered a major threat, despite being relatively limited in its breadth at the present time.

Virgin Media's research suggests that around 1,500 of its users have been infected, and is working with SOCA to cut the threat out quickly.

To that end, Virgin Media has written to all 1,500 customers with the virus, and offered practical advice on how to get rid of the Trojan.


Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: "With increasing numbers of people getting online and a nation reliant on broadband, consumers are looking for more from their service providers to give them the confidence their online world is safe.

"Cybercrime is on the rise and the increasing sophistication of malware infections mean that all internet users could be at risk with devastating effects.

"We are taking this proactive approach to help protect our customers and to provide them the support and advice they need to stay safe online so that they can enjoy the best of the internet without the worry."

SOCA, so good

"SOCA works with a range of private sector partners to help prevent cyber criminals from exploiting legitimate businesses and their customers," added Lee Miles, SOCA's head of cyber.

"We welcome steps taken within industry to utilise the information and resources provided by law enforcement and raise awareness of online safety.

"It is equally important, though, for consumers to help protect their finances and personal information by ensuring their computers are equipped with up-to-date security software."

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