Twitter to make retweeting easier

Or if you see something REALLY funny just steal it
Or if you see something REALLY funny just steal it

Twitter has officially announced a project to integrate 'retweeting' functionality into its microblogging platform.

Although RT or retweeting other people's comments is a fundamental reason for Twitter's success, the Twitter site does not make the process easy.

On the site, people have to retweet manually by copying and pasting a tweet and adding the letters RT to the start – or, more commonly, drift to a third-party twitter client which makes the process easier.

However Project Retweet marks the company's move into making retweeting much easier.

New look

Now, people will see retweets in a different way in their Twitter feed, be able to quickly retweet their friends' and followers' comments and even show who has retweeted that comment.

It's a big project, apparently, and one that has surely been on the cards for a long time.

"We are still sketching out exactly how this feature and its API counterpart works, said co-founder Ev Williams on the company's blog.

"Sharing our thoughts before launching means developers will have the opportunity to prepare their applications.

"In a few weeks or so we'll launch the feature on our web site and because app developers had a chance to prepare, it should become available across most of the Twitter ecosystem about the same time. This way, we can all enjoy retweeting—however we choose to access Twitter."

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