Sport plus girl plus controversy = Google win

Sport - dominating Google's search list
Sport - dominating Google's search list

Google's fastest rising searches for the week have underlined a hard fact of the internet: hot girls are popular, sports are popular, and when the two collide with a pang of controversy the rest of the internet might as well stick its feet up for the day and wait it out.

Proof of this was the fastest rising search for the week from London's being Ines Sainz, who is apparently an American sports reporter who has been given a torrid time in a dressing room.

Sport and controversy collide for the number two spot as well, with the News of the World's Ricky Hatton cocaine story pushing the Hitman back into the public eye.


The popularity of E4 show Inbetweeners is clear, with the Bafta-winning comedy about four teenage boys at school picking up a very credible fourth spot, ahead of Champions League – which returned with a bang this week - and those seeking the Halo Reach review.

Charity Help for Heroes is making a big splash at the moment – as testified by a top 10 placing – and a stint as X-Factor guest judge pushed Pixie Lott into 15th place.

Also noteworthy is the arrival of mymaths – a site that promises to bring maths alive, possibly in the same way as Dr Frankenstein's monster.

Google's fastest rising searches for London this week

ines sainz
ricky hatton
vma 2010
champions league
chantelle and preston
halo reach review
help for heroes
the wanted
tour of britain
fantasy premier league
pixie lott
lady gaga
formula 1

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