Never lose another job because of that misjudged Twitter joke you made in 2009

Clear social networks, full heart, can't lose another job
Clear social networks, full heart, can't lose another job

Most normal, decent human beings would like to think that we've never been so offensive on the internet that we'd lose a job over something we once posted, but can you be sure?

There was never a drunken tweet you didn't delete? A joke that was relevant at the time but now, out of context, could be construed as kind of sexist? A fight you got into with a stranger about whether a photo of a black dog jumping over a fence was perhaps somehow kind of racist? Some of the most hated people on the internet were persecuted and shamed for what were essentially bad jokes taken out of context.

Clear is an app that promises to purge your social networks (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) of all this questionable content to leave you squeaky clean when under scrutiny by new employers.

It uses IBM's Watson supercomputer to look back through your online history, analyse everything and flag up anything that it thinks is questionable; you then decide whether or not it's acceptable for your own Personal Brand(TM). If you decide to delete it, Clear deletes it from your social accounts forever.

Basically: great news for anyone who has ever been a teenager on the internet.

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