Jay-Z's got 99 problems and a hacker is one

Jay-Z's got 99 problems and a hacker is one
Evil internet! Messing with our celebrities!

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian are among a host of 'slebs who have fallen victim to a starry-eyed hacker.

Private financial details have been posted on a website associated with the Soviet Union including social security numbers and - horror of horrors - unflattering pictures of the famous folk.

None of the celebrities apparently affected have come out and confirmed that any of the details leaked are accurate (although the Associated Press helpfully revealed that some social security numbers matched public records), but the LA Police Department has said that it is investigating.

Put a ring on it

No doubt there will be some tear-stained pillows in Tinseltown as B-listers lament not being famous enough to be involved in the hack or cursing their superior web security costing them column inches.

No one has come out and claimed responsibility for the apparent security breaches but also thought to be targeted are an LA police chief and FBI director Robert Mueller which means this hacker isn't afraid of making some serious enemies.

Not least because they also hit the bear-hunting ex-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and we all know how handy she is with an assault rifle.

Perhaps the A-List (or their people) could do with a refresher course in online security? Guys, we're happy to help - call us.

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