Find a better job on Facebook

Facebook's value as a job-searching tool to increase

Sick of your job? Spending far too much time idling away your days on Facebook? If so, you may be glad to hear that online jobs site will soon be running recruitment campaigns on the bored office worker's favourite social network.

Targeted job ads will appear on the side of Facebook’s site and within the daily summary of your Facebook mates’ activities.

"CareerBuilder is spending a considerable amount of money to promote on the Facebook site and the Facebook network, and then we'll have the ability to re-sell certain units to continue that promotion for our clients," said Richard Castellini, vice president of consumer marketing for CareerBuilder.

The initial focus will be on the US market. TechRadar contacted today to find out more about plans to launch a similar service in the UK, and we're currently awaiting their reply.

Privacy concerns

While it’s clearly a superb service for employers, there are the obvious concerns about privacy. Also, if you plan to incorporate Facebook into your job-searching, you might want to make sure those incriminating photos of you in compromising positions with photocopiers at Christmas parties are removed from (or well-hidden within) your profile.

"We're not inserting anything into anybody's profile," said Mike Murphy, Facebook's vice president of media sales, adding, "we're just having them run advertising using Facebook Ads to prospective employees, and have them choose whether to participate or not."

Facebook currently boasts an incredible 67 million active users worldwide.

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