Facebook: the big questions

TR: Can you give some examples?

CL: If you take for instance, the Huffington Post, they have the ability to track a user's activity on their own site and publish a news feed which is very similar to Facebook.

With this newsfeed, the user can see what their friends are reading, what they are commenting on and sharing. This gives you a very unique experience of the Huffington Post.

What's interesting about it is it is transforming the way people read news. So my experience of the Huffington Post is different to your experience because we have different tastes and interests. That's where we will see the future of Facebook Connect.

TR: Are there any websites out there that aren't using Facebook Connect that you would like?

CL: Yes. We are excited to see the world become more social. Everything from cars, TVs to movies. Stuff like videogames are becoming more social. Integrating Facebook Connect with videogames is becoming very interesting. You just have to look like at the Prototype Experience, which took the trailer for Prototype and made it unique to you.

If you went on Facebook Connect before the trailer then it would add pictures from your Facebook page and some more personal information into the trailer to make it yours.

Prototype facebook

TR: Have you had any privacy issues with this?

CL: It's completely controlled by the user. The user chooses to add whatever information they want to the trailer.

And websites will now have to let you know what parts of your Facebook will be accessed, making sure that you are really informed with what's going on giving control to the user.

TR: What's been the most exciting thing with Connect?

CL: Prototype is a good example, and Discovery Channel did a shark week where they put you in a shark attack, showing you obituary and other details.

It's those types of personalised experience that make you pay attention, and it makes you want to share that with your friends. Those are the type of things which are really fun.

Plus, integration into other devices. Things like Facebook on the Xbox – you can connect with your friend's real identities, which means you are not playing with random strangers any more.

You can actually browse your own photos on the Xbox as well and share that with people, which is actually a really interesting and cool experience for our users.

Facebook inbox

Marc Chacksfield

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