Facebook error sees 1,600 teens storm private party

Be careful who you invite to your house parties on Facebook!
Be careful who you invite to your house parties on Facebook!

When a German teen inadvertently invited thousands of strangers to her sixteenth-birthday party via Facebook this month, a predictable amount of chaos and confused policing ensued.

The German teenager, named Thessa, forgot to ensure that her invite for the Facebook event set for her party was set to private.

This soon spiralled into 15,000 people confirming their attendance at her birthday party, with around 1,600 turning up at her parent's house on the night of the shindig.

Chaos, violence, fires

Having understood the potential chaos that could (and did) ensue, the girl alerted Hamburg police and had fled the scene to spend the day and night "at an undisclosed location" with her grandparents.

Hamburg police said Sunday that 11 people were detained, one police officer was injured, lots of youngsters were cutting their feet on broken glass and firemen had to extinguish two small fires at the scene.

Around 100 police were at the scene to attempt to try to maintain order throughout the night.

"It was by and large a peaceful party," said a Hamburg police spokesperson.

"There were some fires set alight, some acts of violence and with considerable alcohol consumption there was some property damage. There have been larger organised birthday parties in Hamburg but this may be the largest unorganised birthday party ever."

Via Reuters

Adam Hartley