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Facebook might actually make you more productive at work starting next month

Facebook at Work might actually make you more productive starting next month

Checking Facebook at the office could soon become part of your job, as the social media giant will reportedly branch out with its network for professionals next month.

Succinctly called Facebook at Work, the network allows employees to connect, assign duties, and share information over the previously personal space. It's expected out in just a few weeks, according to reports from The Information and TechCrunch.

Facebook at Work functions in much the same way as competitors like Slack and Convo. While those services monetize with a subscription fee for data storage and group messaging between members, however, Facebook at Work is reportedly taking a slightly different approach.

The planned model for Facebook's take is said to scale prices to the size of the company rather than a flat rate. This should prevent scenarios where a team is paying for more space than necessary for their virtual meeting room.

Facebook at Work's chat feed

Given that most employees are likely already familiar with Facebook - and are probably keeping a tab open in anticipation of their lunch break already - Facebook at Work could find its place as an easy transition for companies looking for new workplace chat setups.