Red Hat unveils new lineup for open hybrid cloud

The shift to a hybrid cloud

Red Hat has unveiled a new lineup as part of a push towards what it calls the open hybrid cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure 4.0 is aimed at those looking for a converged cloud infrastructure for datacentre virtualisation and elastic cloud networks. It allows an unlimited number of Enterprise Linux guests and comes at a third of the cost of rival offerings.

Enterprise Virtualisation 3.3 comes with new features like a self-hosted management console and OpenStack shared services.

These updates add to Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform 4.0 launch in December 2013, when it got a significant makeover. The new version added full Foreman support, OpenStack Orchestration, OpenStack Telemetry, and integration with Red Hat Storage and CloudForums.

The road to an open hybrid cloud

Along with its new releases, Red Hat outlined what it sees as four maturity stages towards achieving an open hybrid cloud: traditional datacentre virtualisation, managed virtualisation, elastic cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and converged cloud infrastructure. It has a product in each of these categories.

This hybrid approach addresses multiple business needs, such as increasing virtualisation utilisation, improving automation, offering scalable infrastructure, and bridging the gap between traditional virtualisation and elastic cloud networks.

Red Hat's Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, which launched in 2013, is an integral part of this shift, fulfilling the IaaS division. Its entry into the OpenStack market has been hugely successful, resulting in it building the largest commercial OpenStack ecosystem.