Google announces price cuts and more during Google Cloud Platform Live

Google Cloud event, San Francisco
Google Cloud event, San Francisco

During the opening keynote for the Google Cloud Platform Live event in San Francisco, the search engine giant announced various new services and price cuts for its users.

Price reductions include 47% to Network egress, 23% to BigQuery storage, 79% to Persistent Disk Snapshots, 48% to Persistent Disk SSD and 25% to Cloud SQL.

Additionally, there will be an alpha release of the Google Container Engine. The engine is based on the open source Kubernetes project and runs on Google Compute Engine VMs. The Container Engine is a fully managed service building that runs Docker container-based applications.

New VP Brian Stevens noted that the company has been managing containers for years and that "Google is no stranger to containers." In fact, "two billion containers are launched each week."

The Container engine is essentially finding clusters to run systems opposed to checking individual machines by adding integration with command line tools.

Greg DeMichillie states that container engines are the "future of computing, where you don't need to worry about individual machines."

More cloud connections

Google also announced three new options for Google Cloud Interconnect.

Direct Peering is a network that pipes directly to Google in over 70 points of presence in 33 countries around the world.

Carrier Interconnect connects to Google through seven new carrier partners including Verizon, Equinix, IX Reach, Level 3, TATA Communications, Telx and Zayo.

Lastly, VPN Connectivity is a VPN-based connectivity for customers to create a secure line directly to Google over the public Internet; VPN Connectivity will be introduced next month.

More to follow ...