Cortado raises cloud printing stakes

ThinPrint logo
An app route to cloud printing

Cloud service provider Cortado is out to extend its role in the market for cloud printing services with the launch of ThinPrint Cloud Printer.

It works through an app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices or remote desktops and makes it possible to operate any printer through the cloud.

The company is going out of its way to emphasise the difference with Google Cloud Print and HP ePrint, which are tied to either proprietary browsers or printers.

Steven Jones, Consulting Director for Cortado, told TRPRo that it is different from other cloud printing services in working with all browsers and smartphones and as a Windows driver. It also supports printers from all manufacturers and works with different types of office software.

Users can send a file to Cortado's cloud servers, which generate the print job and send instructions back to a local computer connected to the printer.

Jones said the particular appeal for small businesses should be that it provides a secure route for those that don't have a virtual private network. Documents are sent through a secure https connection, print jobs are stored in password-protected accounts, and once they are complete they are deleted from Cortado's servers.

He also claimed it can reduce the strain on their hardware and networks as Cortado generates the job.

The service also has a reporting facility, which makes it possible to identify where any heavy printing costs arise.