Bitcasa launches a cloud platform aimed at developers

Bitcasa Cloud Developers
Bitcasa makes a bid for developers (Credit:TechCrunch)

Cloud storage company Bitcasa has launched a service dedicated to enabling application developers to innovate cloud storage faster, and more cost effectively. The solution, Bitcasa CloudFS Platform, will give developers the opportunity to create file sharing, file management, media transcoding and encryption technology without developing complex code, said Bitcasa CEO, Brian Taptich.

The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform features client-side encryption, which enables adopters of Bitcasa's cloud platform to protect their application data as well as client data. Bitcasa CloudFS also features a "Turn-key Drive" that is designed to enable developers to create their own branded cloud services with no upfront investment in complex infrastructure.

Bitcasa has been a provider of consumer cloud storage services since 2011. Last month, the company partnered with Huawei, Samsung and Telefónica to launch devices pre-loaded with Bitcasa designed to enable customers to better manage and access digital content.

A diversified technology supplier

When asked if the CloudFS Platform would damage the company's consumer focused brand, Taptich said Bitcasa's solution would enable developers to provide enhanced storage for clients, which would ultimately better serve brands, developers and the end consumers. "We're happy to be the company your clients have never heard of," he said.

Bitcasa also named Ranajit Nevatia as SVP of Products and Marketing, and David Lai as VP of Engineering, in April. Prior to Bitcasa, Nevatia was VP of Marketing at Panzura. Previously, Lai held an engineering position at Tropo, a phone and SMS app development platform.