Pure Avanti internet radio goes with the Flow

Get the best of BBC's radio online with the Pure Avanti Flow
Get the best of BBC's radio online with the Pure Avanti Flow

Pure has followed its Evoke Flow portable internet radio with the Avanti Flow, a living-room 'connected' system.

The £280 system incorporates DAB and FM tuners, an MP3 player dock and a Wi-Fi connection for media streaming and to access thousands of internet radio stations, as well as Pure's own Pure Lounge (www.thelounge.com).

The Lounge aims to offer smooth access to over 8,500 web radio stations, the Beeb's Listen Again archive, 1,000s of podcasts and Pure's own Sounds collection.

Natural sounds

This library of over 100 natural sounds gives you all kinds of hippie ambient sound samples to enjoy while practising yoga, sipping chai or trying to mask the sound of your next-door neighbours playing World of Warcraft at 4am.

The piano-black Avanti Flow is home to a 5.25-inch subwoofer and a brace of 3-inch custom-tuned mid-range speakers, driven by Class D amps.

Fronting the system is a good-looking OLED display and you'll also find the usual Made for iPod dock, remote control and an alarm clock to rouse you from your slumbers to the sound of whales humping or whatever.

Pure deserves extra marks for including the Avanti Flow in its EcoPlus range, which means reduced power consumption, minimal, recycled and sustainable packaging, and use of components with minimised environmental impact.

Pure says the Avanti Flow will be in shops in plenty of time for Christmas.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.