Intel thinks it might have the answer to your Windows 11 performance issues

(Image credit: Intel)

Intel has fixed an issue for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users which had made a specific OS app consume too much processing power and RAM. Now found on the Intel Driver & Support Assistant page, the DCH driver fixes issues with the Desktop Window Manager that were plaguing some Windows 10 and 11 consumer and business computers.

The Desktop Windows Manager is an app that renders Windows visual effects, from transparent windows, to live taskbar thumbnails. It even supports high-resolution monitor setups.

Apparently, on some devices, (both desktop and laptops) the app (found as DMW.exe or Desktop Windows Manager in the Task Manager) consumed more than 10% of processing power, and more than 100 MB of RAM which slowed the entire device down.

Windows dominates the OS game

The patch is available for those with Intel’s 6th generation processor, or newer, and  comes as a part of a wider December 2021 Update published by Intel. In it, besides the DMW.exe fix, Intel has also improved the performance of certain games when played in classic graphics mode, as well as eliminated bugs that would crash them altogether.

The update will be pushed via Windows Update in the near future. However, the exact date depends on the device’s manufacturer. Those who are eager to get this issue fixed can use Intel’s Driver and Support Assistant, as well.

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, and was released as a free upgrade to Windows 10 in early October 2021. According to a late November report on Windows Report, the operating system currently takes up approximately 10% of the overall Windows operating system market share.

Windows as a whole, on the other hand, is the absolute dominant OS in the world, with a 73% market share, according to Statista. Apple’s Mac OS takes up roughly 15%, with the remaining 12% falling onto Chrome OS, Linux, and others. 

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