Huawei opens European cybersecurity "transparency centre"

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Huawei has announced the opening of a new cybersecurity transparency centre in Brussels as part of its bid to be more open in Europe.

The Chinese giant hopes that its new Brussels facility will help assuage suspicions in many markets that its hardware is being used for government-sanctioned surveillance

The US has long suspected Huawei of doing just that, with the company's products facing severe restrictions in the country, and several other nations have blocked it from involvement in their 5G networks.


Huawei says the centre will act as a central location to allow communication between the company and key bodies such as governments or regulators, as well as becoming a showcase for Huawei's cybersecurity practices and its work in areas such as 5G, IoT and cloud.

Finally it will also provide Huawei customers with a product security testing and verification centre with access to company experts.

Huawei says that the centre's opening demonstrates its "stronger cyber security commitment to governments, customers, and other partners in Europe" and will provide better support to facilitate collaboration across the continent.

"Trust needs to be based on facts, facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards. We believe that this is an effective model to build trust for the digital era," Ken Hu, Huawei deputy chairman said at the opening.

"We fully understand cyber security concerns that people have in this digital world. I believe that good solutions to solve the issue start from mutual understanding, which is the purpose we set up the transparency centre here today. We welcome all regulators, standards organisations, and customers to fully use this platform to collaborate more closely on security standards, verification mechanisms, and security technology innovation."

"Together, we can improve security across the entire value chain and help build trust through verification."

Mike Moore
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