HP reveals ‘pro’ version of Mixed Reality Headset and powerful new Z4 Workstation

HP Z4 Workstation

Over at Solidworks World, HP Inc has unveiled a refreshed Z4 Workstation with the power to crunch through VR-related (or other heavyweight) tasks, along with a ‘pro’ edition of the firm’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

The new Z4 can now be configured with Intel Core X processors – with up to 18-cores – as well as Xeon CPUs, in tandem with (up to) a pair of GPUs.

HP’s workstation is aimed at VR content creation as well as the likes of engineering and simulation-based design.

The company also revealed a new Professional Edition of the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, offering a pair of 1440 x 1440-resolution panels – one for each eye, as you might just have guessed – with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Windows Mixed Reality HMD: Professional Edition

Face facts

It comes with bundled wireless motion controllers, and the pro version benefits from replaceable face cushions which are easy to clean, facilitating use by multiple people. You also get a double-padded headband for extra comfort.

Gwen Coble, director, Workstations, Thin Clients, Retail Solutions and Immersive Computing, at HP EMEA, commented: “The revamped Z4 workstation, along with our latest HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset and new customer-friendly VR solutions and services, will transform the way products across industries are developed.”

The refreshed Z4 Workstation will be out in Europe come March with the price starting at €1,500 (around £1,330, $1,860) for the Core X variant, with the Xeon CPU workstation starting at €2,000 (around £1,780, $2,480).

The Windows Mixed Reality HMD: Professional Edition headset will be out in April retailing at €550 (around £490, $680).

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