HP reveals blue-light blocking monitors

E-Series Monitors
(Image credit: HP Inc.)

HP has unveiled a number of new business-grade monitors which have been reimagined with the aim of helping remote workers connect and collaborate while also supporting their well being.

The company's E-Series monitors are the world's first ergonomic monitor series with always-on low blue light to reduce potential eye damage and improve sleep quality. HP Eye Ease addresses blue light without affecting color accuracy or introducing any yellow shift. HP's E-Series monitors are also the first monitor series to receive the TUV Low Blue Light Hardware Solution certification.

President of Personal Systems at HP Inc., Alex Cho explained in a press release how the company's new products can benefit employees working from home, saying:

“As we experience a new normal that blurs reality between life and work, it’s clear that the PC is essential – allowing us to work, live, learn, collaborate, and create regardless of distance. Today’s line-up of innovative products, our largest commercial product launch ever, including the next generation of Elite PCs and desktops, the world’s first ergonomic monitors with always-on low blue-light, and the world’s brightest 14-inch mobile workstation, along with dedicated services to improve remote employee experiences, reinforces HP’s commitment to equipping workers with the right tools, power, and performance for the ultimate work from home experience.” 

Portable and wireless monitors

In addition to its new E-Series monitors, HP also unveiled a new portable monitor as well as a wireless monitor to help boost productivity.

The HP E14 G4 Portable Monitor provides users with the freedom to work from anywhere with the power of dual-screen productivity. The device is also the world's brightest 14-inch portable monitor and weights only 640 g and is less than 4.75 mm thin. The HP E14 G4 Portable Monitor features two USB-C ports and the display can easily be connected to any laptop over USB-C.

The HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor is the world's first 4K wireless sharing PC monitor. The device allows users to seamlessly connect it to their PC with the HP Quick Pair Bluetooth App or by pressing the Windows Key + K on their keyboard.

HP's E-Series monitors will arrive in August starting at $159 (£128), the E14 Portable Monitor will cost $249 (£200) and ship in September and the U27 Wireless Monitor will be available in June for $479 (£387).

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