Canon launches ultra-compact projectors

Canon projector
The Canon XEED WUX450

Canon is launching a series of compact projectors that squeeze in features normally found on full-size installation models.

It is adding two standard models to its XEED series, the WUX450 and WX520, which both house a 1.8x zoom projection lens with a constant aperture of F2.8 designed to maximise brightness.

Both are powered by Canon's AISYS optical system, which the company says combines with Liquid Crystal on Silicon Panel (LCOS) technology to allow system integrators to use the device from various distances without losing image quality.

Wide angles

Canon is also launching two 'short throw' models, the XEED WUX400ST and XEED WX450ST, with the same design but using a wide-angled lens for larger images with minimal distortion.

They can project a 100-foot image from 1.2 metres, around a third shorter than conventional projectors, which Canon says makes them suitable for front and rear projection where space is limited or installation is difficult.

In the vertical direction, the lens allows a 75% range of adjustment (77% on the WX450ST), meaning the projectors can also be installed beneath or above the screen.

All projectors feature accessible air filters and lamp compartments to prevent downtime in the event of maintenance or software upgrades, in addition to DVI and HDMI inputs and a picture-by-picture mode that allows simultaneous display of two separate digital images.

The new series of XEED compact projectors go on sale in the second half of 2013.

Kane Fulton
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