Fox: 'We want Digital HD to be seen like Blu-ray'

"The UK has always been our most developed ownership market in the world with half of all UK paying individuals buying discs. But subscription streaming services offer a great digital experience. And that is just a good thing to get people digitally comfortable.

"People buy DHD because they want the latest movies fast and they want to collect them. Streaming tends to be for television series so we think that both can co-exist."

DHD isn't the only digital initiative Fox and other distributors have been pushing. UltraViolet, which was subject to a many a delay, offers what film companies believe is a solution to sharing of movies.

It is a service mired in convolution, though. One look at its FAQ page and you can see that simplicity has taken a backseat – there's 54 questions to plough through if you have issues with the service.

Feldman was quick to note that UltraViolet was not to be confused with what was being offered this time around.

Digital HD

DHD logos should be appearing in the UK soon

"We don't see Ultraviolet as a brand, we see Ultraviolet as a feature – a feature that comes with Digital HD," says Feldman.

"They want our entire library, even stuff that we haven't released before on DVD"

"So if you buy DHD at a retailer that is UV capable, then you have your file in a retail digital locker and in a UV digital locker. But we believe that the consumer big brand for ownership is Digital HD. All of the studios have aligned around Digital HD."

Infinite shelf space

While Fox is pushing price and early release as the biggest merits of Digital HD, one of the biggest draws for a collector may well be breadth of choice. And while Feldman was giving nothing away, it looks like we may see some forgotten gems come to DHD – ones that never even made it to disc.

"The platforms we are on now are focused on getting access to the most amount of content that they possibly can," said Feldman.

"Many of them are saying that they want our entire library, even stuff that we haven't released before on DVD because their view is that they have infinite shelf space.

"The digital store can be the place to store that breadth of offering that we could never offer on the high street."

Marc Chacksfield

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