Highlighted text is finally becoming more useful in a new Windows 11 update

Windows 11
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A new feature is in testing for Windows 11 insiders, where you can highlight text and suggested actions will appear, such as creating an event with it, calling a number, and more.

This is available in Windows 11 Build 25115, which is found in Dev Channel if you're signed in to the Insider program. Apple's macOS has had something similar for the last few years, where you can right-click, and at 'Services', you can use some highlighted text for a Calendar entry, or for a third-party app such as Things 3.

So far, if you copy a date, time, or phone number, a pop-up will appear, with multiple apps to choose from that this build will suggest.

It's a useful feature, with plenty of room to grow, but as this is a Dev Channel build, we may not see this roll out for all Windows 11 users until the next major update is available.

Analysis: More useful features are only a good thing

Windows 11 suggested actions

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We've all been in a situation where we've highlighted some text, and we're not sure where to copy and paste it to. With these suggested actions, it cuts down the steps in sending some text without opening an app from the Start menu and pasting it in there.

But as Microsoft has repeatedly said in previous Insider build posts, some features being showcased may not make the light of day. This could disappear and even come back in the rumored Windows 12, depending on what feedback is given by Insider users.

However, it's already become a useful asset when we were trying it out for a Calendar entry, and as it's an easy win in simplifying what to do with highlighted text, we wouldn't be surprised if it appeared in Sun Valley 2, Windows 11's next major update.

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