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Sharp announces new Blu-ray and DVR combo

Sharp BD DVR
The new Aquos range has Blu-ray and HDD recording capabilities

Three new BD systems have been announced in Japan that combine Blu-ray playback and hard-disk recording. The players are updates of the company's Aquos range.

The Sharp BD-HDW30 is the meatiest of the bunch housing 1TB of storage, followed by the BD-HDW25 with 500GB HDD storage and the BD-HDW22 with just 250GB disk space.

On the record

All three come with two digital tuners and one analogue, so you can watch one channel while recording two separate ones.

Even though each machine has Blu-ray capabilities, the systems will not allow you to rip BDs on to the hard-disk drive as, for obvious reasons, that would be illegal.

The players will be out in Japan on 1 July. There’s no news as of yet of a UK release.