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Living Control adds to its MusicBox series

Living Control's new RAID MusicBox
Living Control's new RAID MusicBox

This year's CEDIA Expo was a busy year for high-end audio manufacturers showing off their wares. Living Control was of no exception, as it used the trade show to showcase its latest state-of-the-art music servers, the MusicBox RAID.

Building on its successful MusicBox range, the RAID series is a successor to the MusicBox NT range, adding Wi-Fi technology and even more hard-disk space.

Complete control

The MusicBox servers now ship with the ability to control your system via the likes of a PDA, Smartphone, Windows, Mac, Linux and Nokia Web Tablets.

And the best thing about it is that you don't even have to be in the house to control your system. As long as you are in range of your Wi-Fi signal, then you can pick and choose what you want to listen to.

The RAID now comes with 2TB storage, which should be plenty of space to house all your media, and is available now for £4,995.