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Harman’s AKG headphones offer studio quality listening at an affordable price

Man and woman listening to AKG K371 headphones
(Image credit: AKG)

No matter where you’re from or what culture you’re a part of, music is something we all have in common. It tells our stories and brings us together in ways nothing else can. 

Headphones are increasingly becoming the most popular way for us to listen to music mainly because they’re so convenient, but also because we can almost just tune the world out for a minute and sink into some of our favorite tunes. 

AKG has been exploring and engineering sound for over 70 years and are definitely one the biggest names in designing and producing professional-grade audio products. 

The AKG 300 series headphones are one of the latest endeavors from AKG and they are tuned to the AKG Reference Response Curve. In short -  they sound absolutely amazing.

In more technical terms, AKG’s Reference Response Curve has to do with attempting to make the sound you hear sound as natural as possible, without any coloration or distortion, exactly the way the artist wanted you to hear it. Typically other frequency response curves are determined by the manufacturer of the headphones in order for you to hear a more stylized sound profile, for instance, exaggerated bass. 

Singer listens to 371 headphones while singing into microphone

(Image credit: AKG)

AKG’s goal is to produce headphones with as neutral a frequency curve as possible. This proved to be a bit of a challenge for headphones due to one very simple reason: you wear them on your head, and everyones’ head and ears are shaped differently 

When listening to speakers or studio monitors, the sound is coming at your ears from the front so essentially the sound has to curve to make it inside your ear. When you listen to headphones, the sound is entering your ear directly, without having to maneuver it’s way around your ear. This actually affects how the music sounds to you.

The engineers as AKG spent over 5 years trying to take that same, neutral, natural frequency curve and apply it to headphones. The result is the AKG Reference Response Curve and the K371s are tuned to that curve. 

The K371s are just the latest in the K300 series with the K361s still offering an incredible listening experience for a great price. They share the same closed back design of the K371s which means they’re much more durable and portable than open back headphones. 

The K300 series is also designed to be a more universal set of headphones that are great for studio recording, mixing, podcasting, listening, and - great for our new work from home environment - video conferencing. Due to their design and portability, they are easy to travel with and both the K371 and K361 headphones are available with Bluetooth if you want some extra connectivity. 

When you think of high-quality, studio-level headphones, you typically think of a high price to go along with them. One of the most impressive features of the K300s is their price. You can get the K361s directly from AKG for around $100 and the K371s are only about $50 more. 

At that price, it’s really hard to go wrong with any of the K300 series headphones. 

AKG K361 - Better quality sound at a great price

The AKG K361 headphones are an incredible value for what you get. Studio-quality audio in a durable, lightweight package.

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AKG K361 BT - Studio quality sound on the go

If you prefer the freedom of Bluetooth, the K361 BT headphones offer the same great audio experience without the wires. 

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AKG K371 - Hear music the way it’s meant to be heard

The first headphones to be tuned to the industry-leading AKG Reference Response Curve, the K371s are the best way to hear your music.

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AKG K371 BT - Same great quality, more freedom

The same K371s you know and love, just without the wires. 

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