Goldeneye 007 Xbox achievements point to re-release for the legendary N64 shooter

GoldenEye 007
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Achievements for a potential re-release of Goldeneye 007 have been spotted online, almost 25 years after the N64 classic's original release. Curiously, the achievements differ from a cancelled XBLA remake of Goldeneye 007 that was leaked online in 2021.

The new achievements list was brought to light by TrueAchievements, who have published the full list of 55 achievements. The website notes that because a Microsoft Store listing for the game doesn't exist as of yet, it's still up for debate whether this version of Goldeneye 007 will be a remake or a remaster – or even if it exists at all.

The achievements are quite standard fare, ranging from completing levels in a certain amount of time to playing the entire selection of multiplayer modes. There's actually quite an emphasis on multiplayer achievements, so we'd hope that Goldeneye 007's legendary multiplayer makes the jump online.

As Goldeneye 007 was originally developed by Rare (now owned by Microsoft), it's highly likely that this potential re-release will remain exclusive to Xbox Series X/S consoles as well as PC, much like how the Perfect Dark remaster remained an XBLA exclusive. We'd love to be surprised here, obviously, and see releases on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, though that's probably a long shot.

It seems like this Goldeneye 007 version isn't entirely scrubbed clean of its Nintendo origins, however. One of the achievements clearly refers to the game's unlockable "DK Mode" by name. This bizarre modifier was named in reference to Donkey Kong, as it gives Bond an enormous head and arms, much like Nintendo's tie wearing ape.

As mentioned, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Goldeneye 007's original release on the Nintendo 64. As such it's entirely possible that Microsoft sought out the rights to the Bond license to bring the revered shooter back.

Having Goldeneye 007 on Xbox Series X/S would be a considerable blow to Nintendo, too, as many may have expected the classic shooter to eventually land on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service.

We certainly hope there's an actual game behind these Goldeneye 007 achievements, then. If the project is real, it wouldn't be the only Rare revival in town, as its other classic shooter series, Perfect Dark, is getting a brand new entry sometime in the near future.

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