10 PC games we can’t wait to play in 2022

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt
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A new year is upon us, and while we can’t be sure it’ll be a good one or that we’ll keep to the many resolutions we make, we can trust it to deliver an array of excellent titles. 

The forecast for new PC game releases in 2022 has been looking bright and primed to be one of the best years for gaming in a long time. So, we’re here to let you in on some of the titles we cannot wait to get our hands on.

While we wait for these titles to arrive, make sure you check out the best PC games you can already play.

Elden Ring screenshot

(Image credit: FromSoftware Inc.)

Elden Ring

This one’s a no-brainer: from the moment Elden Ring (opens in new tab) was announced, along with the knowledge that George R.R. Martin (opens in new tab) (the genius mind that brought us A Song of Ice and Fire) was announced, the hype surrounding this title has been atomic.

Elden Ring is an open world soulslike dark fantasy RPG published by BANDAI NAMCO (opens in new tab) and developed by From Software Inc. (opens in new tab). Become the Elden Lord by restoring the Elden Ring from its scattered shards. Fight, gain and build up your skills, and explore the Lands Between.

Due for release February 25 2022, you can pre-order Elden Ring on Steam (opens in new tab) now.

Redfall poster image

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)


Redfall is the newest offering from Arkane Austin (opens in new tab), the studio behind Dishonoured (opens in new tab) and Prey (opens in new tab). Published by Bethesda (opens in new tab) and due for release in Summer 2022, Redfall (opens in new tab) is an open world co-op FPS game in which you have to take down vampires with unique powers who have taken over the town of Redfall, Massachusetts. 

You have four characters to choose from, Devinder Crousley, Layla Ellison, Remi De La Rosa, and Jacob Boyer, each armed with their own unique weapons and abilities with whom you must form a crew of vampire slayers to save the town.

Redfall will be available on Windows 10 and Game Pass. (opens in new tab)

The Callisto Protocol screenshot

(Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc.)

The Callisto Protocol

Set in the PUBG universe (opens in new tab) in the year 2320, this immersive action survival horror game is developed by new studio Striking Distance Studios (opens in new tab) (founded by co-creator of Dead Space (opens in new tab), Glen Schofield) and published by Krafton (opens in new tab)

You play as a prisoner attempting to escape a maximum-security prison colony on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. You must fight your way through hordes of various alien monstrosities, explore the colony, Black Iron created by the United Jupiter Company and uncover the secrets that lie within.

Although there hasn’t been a specific release date announced just yet, Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab) is definitely coming out at some point in 2022.

Starfield promo poster

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)


Starfield is a new action RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios (opens in new tab) and published by Bethesda Softworks. Since the release of The Elder Scrolls (opens in new tab) and Fallout (opens in new tab) franchises over 25 years ago; this is the first new universe by Bethesda in a world set in space. You play as a space explorer in Starfield 20 years after a colony war took place between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, the two largest factions in Starfield (opens in new tab).

It was announced during the Xbox showcase at E3 2021 that Starfield would be an Xbox exclusive, but it'll be available on Windows 10 and Game Pass (opens in new tab) from 11 November 2022.

God of War 2018 screenshot

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

God of War

It was announced in October 2021 that the superb God of War 2018 would be coming to PC, much to the PC gaming world’s delight.

God of War (opens in new tab) is a single-player third-person action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio (opens in new tab) and published by Sony Interactive (opens in new tab)

You play as Kratos, the troubled former Greek god and his son Atreus. Packed with side quests, boss battles and a rich storyline, it will show PC gamers why it is one of PlayStation’s most popular and beloved exclusives.

God of War 2018 will be released on 14 January 2022 and is available to pre-purchase on Steam (opens in new tab).

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

The much-anticipated spin-off to Rainbow Six Siege (opens in new tab) is finally here! Ubisoft Montreal (opens in new tab) is back with Rainbow Six Extraction with plenty of kill-it-with-fire alien monstrosities to keep you sharp and alert.

In Extraction (opens in new tab) you play in a team of three to complete objectives while eliminating alien enemies called Archaeans. In each incursion all objectives and enemy placements are procedurally generated; there are up to 12 objectives to complete, including gathering intel or collecting samples.

Out for release January 20 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction is cross-platform and will be available on Epic Games, (opens in new tab) Ubisoft (opens in new tab), Amazon Luna (opens in new tab), and Google S (opens in new tab)tadia.

Company of Heroes 3 poster

(Image credit: Sega)

Company of Heroes 3

The much-loved RTS Company of Heroes is back with its third instalment from developer Relic Entertainment (opens in new tab) and published by Sega (opens in new tab).

In a departure from its Western and Eastern Front settings, Company of Heroes 3 (opens in new tab) is set in the Mediterranean focusing on Italy and North Africa during WW2. There are a bunch of new features and improvements to look forward to, like the tactical pause and destruction system, which is not just for show, but allows for more strategic depth to gameplay.

There’s no specific release date yet, but it’s tipped for a Q4 2022 release. In the meantime, Wishlist it on Steam (opens in new tab).

Ark II poster

(Image credit: Studio Wildcard)

Ark II

In a surprise preview at the Game Awards 2020 (opens in new tab), it was revealed that Ark 2, sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved (opens in new tab), was on its way. Many fans were impressed with its graphics and actor Vin Diesel’s involvement in the game.

Ark 2 (opens in new tab) is an open world survivalcraft game developed and published by Studio Wildcard (opens in new tab) and follows on from its predecessor’s last DLC, Genesis Part 2. (opens in new tab) Explore the world, battle primeval creatures, craft a base, tools, and weapons, and enjoy improved graphics and enemy AI.

While there’s no specific release date just yet, Ark 2 will be coming out some time in 2022.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt screenshot

(Image credit: Sharkmob AB)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Following a successful Steam Open Access, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (opens in new tab) is due for release in Spring 2022. This free-to-play title is developed and published by Sharkmob and promises hours of endless vampire-on-vampire hunting fun.

Navigate your way around the rooftops and gorgeous streets of Prague in this action-packed, epic battle-royale title based on the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG (opens in new tab) and World of Darkness series. Choose your clan: Brujah, Nosferatu, or Toreador and “archetypes” to utilize its unique powers coupled with your strategy to reign supreme.

While you wait for its release, you can add it to your Wishlist on Steam (opens in new tab).

Dying Light 2 Stay Human screenshot

(Image credit: Techland)

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Fans of Dying Light (opens in new tab) are itching to get their hands on the second instalment of the beloved action RPG Dying Light 2 Stay Human (opens in new tab). Developed and published by Techland, (opens in new tab) the game sees you fighting (as its title implies), to stay human.

In this huge open-world survival-horror RPG, play with up to 4 player co-op using your combat and parkour skills to kill all the particularly hideous zombies infesting one of the last remaining human settlements.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is due for release 4 February 2022. You can pre-order it now on Steam (opens in new tab) or Techland’s official site. (opens in new tab)

We also have to drop a few honorary mentions: Evil West (opens in new tab), Hogwarts Legacy (opens in new tab), Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (opens in new tab), Total War: Warhammer III (opens in new tab), and Sonic Frontiers (opens in new tab).

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