Ian 'Tomb Raider' Livingstone given British Inspiration Award

Eidos' founder Ian Livingstone honoured with British Inspiration Award

Ian Livingstone, author of the Fighting Fantasy series of gaming books in the 1980s and founder of Tomb Raider publisher Eidos in the early 1990s has been honoured with a British Inspiration Award this month.

Livingstone is one of the British games industry's true 'veterans' – a term which is bandied around far too often these days – and the award recognsises his contribution to the interactive entertainment industry.

Punk rock and gaming

The British Inspiration Awards honours Britain's top "creative, entrepreneurial and inspirational minds from the worlds of fashion, film, television, arts, science and innovation".

Nintendo UK Managing Director, David Yarnton, Chairman of the BIA organising committee, said: "The UK is the creative capital of the world. With the same hard work, drive and determination shown by the winners and all our nominees, creative people can excel in this country.

"You don't need a great education and there's great freedom for people to express themselves. Punk music, for example, would probably have been banned in many countries but was allowed to flourish here.

"I hope the British Inspiration Awards will change some people's attitudes about Britain and make them proud."