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Nintendo to open online DSi App Store?

Nintendo DS
The DS could soon get its own online app store

Rumours from the recent Nintendo Developer Conference held in London suggest that the Japanese company is about to launch an online application store for its DSi handheld.

Ahead of the April US and UK launch date, Nintendo seems likely to reveal that it is opening the so-called DSiWare store to applications that offer more than just gaming.

iPhone envy

The success of Apple's iPhone App Store looks like encouraging Nintendo to push developers to program outside the box for the DSi.

Early speculation has already covered Facebook apps that allow text and video posting thanks to the DSi's onboard cameras and other applications that focus on the touch-sensitive screen.

Answers tomorrow?

We expect to hear a lot more about the DSiWare store when Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata speaks at the company's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco tomorrow.