Apple Tablet set to revolutionise gaming?

Apple invited gaming media to its tablet computer launch event on 27 January

Apple's iPhone has been phenomenally successful, with mobile gaming leading the charge in the sales success of the iTunes App Store and an increasing number of hardcore gamers adopting the iPhone as their mobile format of choice.

This month sees the announcement of Apple's tablet computer, with a launch event planned in San Francisco for 27 January.

Interestingly, Apple is inviting leading videogame journalists in the US, with Kotaku reporting that it has received its invite to the launch.

Major gaming move from Apple

Details, as ever with a new Apple product, are thin on the ground, but the fact that Apple is inviting dedicated gaming media seems to strongly suggest that the Cupertino computing giant is looking to make its next major step into games with the new tablet computer.

"We have been anticipating a major move from Apple in the games market for some time," said CVG editor Tim Ingham.

"This could well be it."

More details, news, comment and analysis on the gaming capabilities of the Apple Tablet on 27 January. By which point we will be able to call it by its proper name and stop referring to it in myriad ways!